Help me! #Read26Indy

So first, I saw this:

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 4.55.49 PM

Which led me to this:

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 4.57.04 PM

Look—I am not proud of this realization but it’s 100% true.

And before you get all judgy—I read all the time. I read articles on so many topics, it makes my head hurt to go back through my web history. I have 5 different news apps on my phone, meaning I can learn things from the comfort of my bed, tub, treadmill or dog park. (Try not to over think those logistics.) Newspapers, magazines, articles—I consume information constantly.

But… I don’t usually take the time to read books all that often. I spent so much of my younger life reading EVERYTHING, that now I rarely read a book that isn’t tied to work life. And now, now I’m so out of the habit of reading, I forget to seek books out. I don’t even have anything on my list. 

In conclusion, help! What do I need to read? And before you start throwing shit my way, here are my rules:

-Nothing that will make me hate myself (Vampires, Nicholas Sparks, anything that is turned into a movie teenagers line up for.)

-Nothing that will make my inner feminist vomit (50 Shades of Anything.)

-Nothing that makes me cry or angry. (Don’t you even dare tell me it’s a “good” cry. At the moment I want to be entertained. Or amused. Or learn something great. I don’t want a depressing read or a lecture. If you break this, I will come FIND YOU.)

-If it’s romance, it better not be the kind Cameron Diaz or Katherine Higel would star in.

-If you want reference, the last few books I’ve read for fun are Let’s Pretend This Never Happened, Bossypants, Lost at Sea and maybe some of the Sylvia Day series, DONT YOU DARE JUDGE ME, IM NOT PROUD OF IT AND I JUST HAPPENED TO BE SOMEWHERE IT WAS LAYING AROUND AND I READ IT IN A DAY SO WHATEVER THAT ITS BASICALLY PORN.

Ok. That’s all I have right now. YOUR TURN, help me!

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8 thoughts on “Help me! #Read26Indy

  1. thebloggess says:

    Anything by Neil Gaiman. He’s always a winner. Or David Sedaris. Or Mary Roach. Or Nora Ephron.

    • 1) I went to the library at lunch and grabbed to Sedaris novels. Your suggestions will officially be my first two of 2014.

      2) I spent all of yesterday bragging to anyone that would listen that you commented on my blog. I <3 you.

  2. Treva says:

    I plan on reading some of the books on this list:

    Not all meet your criteria but some do. As a bonus you can later praise or tear apart the movie…

  3. kat says:

    wait, wait, wait, have you not read mindy kaling’s book? PUT IT AT THE TOP OF YOUR DAMN LIST. also, i think you would enjoy the house girl. also, seconding sedaris.

    • I have actually! That has just been a while ago and yes, I loved it.

      I went to the library and got two Sedaris books today-Naked and… something about fire? I think? I don’t know. I’ll report back. :)

  4. K8Shelley says:

    Buck by MK Asante. It’s a pretty interesting memoir!

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