Resolution Diaries, Day 2.

Resolution Proposal 1- Stop Dressing Like Non-Work Life Is An 8:00 am College Class

Growing up, I prided myself on being the least fix-y of the Schaffer Three. We’d go on family trips and my bag would be the lightest, we’d need to get ready to go and I’d be the first one waiting by the door.

The physical baggage from the last Schaffer 3 adventure. The emotional baggage is just so much harder to capture on camera...

The physical baggage from the last Schaffer 3 adventure. The emotional baggage is just so much harder to capture on camera…

On family holidays any amount of effort I’ve gone to, is less about making myself look presentable and more about avoiding the inevitable Grandma shame barrage that would come with a make-up free face. Don’t believe that’s a thing? Last year, less than 48 hours after my car was totaled and still sporting a swollen face and bruised body, I showed up at Mother’s Day brunch wearing lord know’s what and sporting zero make-up. I was showered and there and that was the best I felt like doing. Grandma shows up, sits down and says, “Well… I guess you just didn’t feel like getting ready today.”

But- especially since the transition to the new job, I’ve made a really conscious effort to keep myself pulled together for work. Less uses of leggings as acceptable pants-wear, more… actual pants. Because, the oddity about this transition was that there were faaaaaar less actual dress standards than my previous agency, creating a couple of new standards:

  1. I am expected to be less dressed up, all of the time, keeping me from experiencing the rebellious, “I DON’T WANT TO WEAR ONE MORE DRESS, TODAY I WILL NOT WEAR ACTUAL PANTS AS A RESULT, I HATE YOU ALL” bottoming-out slumps. When I’m not forced into super formal, client-appropriate outfits 5 days a week, and not spending every weekend working events or attending client functions, I don’t experience the same hatred for items, such as pants. It’s like the effort gets to be more evenly distributed.
  2. With none of the “don’t wear jeans to work” or, “look like a client might want to hit on you” standards, I feel a far greater sense of personal responsibility not to suck.

So, why does this need to be a resolution then? Because, what that SHOULD sound like is: “YAY standards. Taylor has turned a corner. She is trying not to be a mess. YAY.” What it actually sounds like is: “Isn’t it cute that Taylor dresses nicely at work, then dresses like a homeless person, ALL THE OTHER TIMES?!”

Here’s what we aiming for:

Look at this cute girl, walking her dog in a trenchcoat. Skinny jeans, flats, an adorable little trenchcoat. When I took this shot, I was wearing PINK sweat pants and a hoodie, and probably 5-year-old Uggs, that I'm NOT proud of but they're JUST SO WARM.

Look at this cute girl, I creepily took a picture of, as she was walking her dog. She looks like a successful young adult, strolling along Mass Ave, with her well behaved canine companion. She? She doesn’t suck. She’s wearing her skinny jeans, flats and an adorable little trenchcoat. As a reference point- When I took this shot, I was wearing PINK sweat pants, a hoodie, and probably 5-year-old Uggs, that I’m NOT proud of but they’re JUST SO WARM.

My point is just- I’m the queen of showing up to Pilates class covered in dog hair, wearing a shirt from college and pants that still sport E9000 remnants from a rhinestoning project of a dance world gone by. If I’m walking the dog, my first priority is usually warmth, which is fine in theory, until I run into EVERYONE I’VE EVER KNOWN and I look like I’ve just gotten dressed in the dark. It’s in these moments that the faded, gross, dance team sweats from my junior year in high school, can be a tad more problematic than practical. And the worst part, why I think this bears a resolution nomination, is that it’s a vicious cycle of self loathing, beginning with: “It’s fine, it’s informal, it’s cold, no one will see me. This is acceptable clothing.”  Followed by: “Oh hello coworker/client/friend/hottie mcstranger.” Followed by: “What the hell is wrong with me? Why am I not invisible? THIS WAS SO BAD” and it MUST END.

In conclusion—Resolution proposal one is to stop making excuses, no more college (or high school) throwbacks- in age or in not-so-stylish style.

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  1. […] Remember This? Yeah, I’m working on tackling this too. More details to follow on my efforts- I had a bit of a massive, epic, what-the-hell-is-wrong-with-you fail this weekend. And it was good. […]

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