(of a feeling. slang.) The feeling of irritation, cause by stupid or ridiculous behavior, such as misuse of the word “literal,” excessive use of the word “like,” OR political posturing that makes a mockery of our democracy and any sense of respect our country posses. In cases where “stabby” would be applicable, the feeling of irritation is so extreme stabbing oneself or someone else, would be preferable over the continued occurance one is experiencing.

As means of demonstrating the ultimate in things that make me stabby, see below.

Dear Indiana GOP Super Majority- You have got to be kidding me… I’d like my state government to be, efficient, effective and spending time on things other than Kelly Clarkson remakes, brought to you by old, out of tune, white people. The fact that you have spent time making this monstrosity, is the antithesis of what’s wrong with your party, your priorities and your time in office. Let’s raise a glass to voting as many of you out as quickly as humanly possible, based solely on this video, and not even the other ludicrous things you’ve done in this session alone. Next time, before you cut funding for education, for transportation, for hungry impoverished children, let’s watch this video together and discuss what real wasted resources looks like.

p.s. Bosma? Recovering from knee surgery, not a battle with cancer for Christ’s sakes. 

Stabby, Defined.

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3 thoughts on “Stabby, Defined.

  1. gwenrajski says:

    Sad part is…I personally know one of the people in this video…

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